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Pono BN4-1 All Solid Cedar/Acacia "Big Baritone" Ukulele with hard case

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What an extraordinary instrument this Pono big baritone ukulele is. Formerly known as the BN-10; this is basically a tenor guitar slightly modified to take nylon strings instead of steel in baritone ukulele DGBE tuning, and it sounds absolutely wonderful!

Imagine the biggest, best and most mellow sounding baritone ukulele that you have heard, add more volume, sustain, precise intonation and crisper note definition and you might be half way there. Tenor guitar enthusiasts need not worry though as this instrument can still be restrung with strings we sell in store to accommodate tenor guitar/banjo tuning.

This model is made of a solid cedar top, with solid acacia back and sides, which produces a rich, clear and projecting sound. In the treble range, the sound is extremely crisp and clear, and you can hear the harmonics coming through in the sound really clearly. And when you strum hard and explore the bass range, there is real warmth but no muddiness - you can really hear all the individual notes in the chords very clearly, and they all sustain very evenly with a beautiful decay.

Pictures show an average example. For photos of actual stock please drop us a line.

This one has been discounted due to a rip in the tolex on arriving. The patch repair we have done looks great and is only really noticeable under scrutiny. 

Solid cedar top
Solid Asian acacia back and sides
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Bone nut and saddle
Slotted headstock
Scale length 23" - 584 mm
14th fret join to body
Nut width 34 mm
Grover machine heads
Gloss finish
Tuned DGBE
Ko'olau clear nylon DGBE strings, two wound bass
Free Pono hard case

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