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Pete Howlett Revelator - All Spalted Korina Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele w/Case - KRNRT1 #1026

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The Revelator is something of a legend... It's a thin body tenor ukulele with offset soundhole. It's sleek aesthetics just glow at you. Whether you're plugging it in for a top notch amplified ukulele tone with a more natural body fit or playing unplugged to produce a sweet and full bodied ukulele sound, we're sure you'll love this ukulele.

This Pete Howlett Revelator was crafted between September and November 2021 by the man himself in Gwynedd, Wales. At this stage in his career, Pete has really bonded with certain tonewoods and many of his real legacy instruments are made of korina. Korina gives off an extremely rich and open sound and is the perfect companion to the slimline Revelator design that Pete has hit his stride with. I only wish he had several more pairs of hands to make them faster!

It's sound is textured and clear, punctuated by the slightly mellower tone produced naturally by the slimline body design and position of the sound hole. I must confess that I expected this instrument to be more suited to being electrified but it's acoustic sound is to die for as hopefully demonstrated in our video below?

For more information on the Revelator, we highly recommending searching back through Pete Howlett's Facebook group where he has documented the design and various building decisions made nearly every day for the past 4 years. It's a fascinating journey and worth a bit of exploring if you like the idea of getting the full picture on what brought this instrument to life.

This Revelator features Pete's more pronounced nautilus soundhole and the effect it has on the sound is a slightly bolder bass and treble whereas the standard Revelator (oval soundhole) has a mellower sound. When I played this instrument for the comparison video I found it to just be a bit cheeky and full of life.

Solid spalted korina top, back and sides
Nautilus soundhole design
17'' tenor scale length
Satin matt finish
Korina neck
Strung high G GCEA - fluorocarbon strings
Rosewood fingerboard, bridge and faceplate
Pin bridge design with matching wooden pins
Corian nut and saddle
36mm nut width
Supplied with a TGI hard case by us

(Pete's cases are now available via Pete directly)

We have fantastic audio samples of previous Revelators that you can listen to for reference.

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