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Millar TM-260 All Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele Matte Finish #2

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We have nothing but love for the Millar TM-260. It's a no frills, all solid mahogany Tenor ukulele modelled on the early Martin Soprano Ukuleles of the 1920's... It's a fantastic homage. It is so warm and comforting that I am fairly sure just having it in your home would save on your heating bill this winter.

From their family run workshop in Taiwan, Millar are really pushing the boat out. They're changing our expectations for ukuleles at this price point and delivering instruments that look and feel similar to Big Island, Pono and Imua. Their attention to detail, wood selection and excellent craftsmanship places them as worthy competition to the Rebels and Opios of the world - not something we say lightly about a Ukulele that sits in the same kind of price category as Snail, Pono and Kala!

The TM-260 doesn't have anything in the way of fancy bindings, quirky modern aesthetic or comfort features but what it lacks in artistic flair, it more than makes up for in tonal range and depth. I recorded the video below before I learned the actual price of these instruments - I wholeheartedly assumed they would be about 30% more expensive than they are.

It sounds softer, warmer and more introverted than the other Millars. It would really suit someone who wants an instrument suited to ballads or chord work. It sounds lovely and bright when you strum with your finger nail but comes to life in a jazzy sort of way when you ease into it with your thumb and the pads of your fingers.

The listing shows the actual instrument you will receive.

Solid Mahogany body
Indian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Tie on style bridge
Matte Open Pore Finish
35mm nut width, 27mm G to A string spacing
434mm scale length
Open Back Tuners
Bone nut and saddle
D'Addario Black Nylon Strings with wound C

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