Klos LEFT HANDED Standard Electro Carbon Fibre Tenor Ukulele #154564

Klos LEFT HANDED Standard Electro Carbon Fibre Tenor Ukulele #154564
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Klos left handed carbon fibre ukuleles are really special. This tenor model is perfect for taking on your travels as the clever material and design make this instrument impervious to changing temperatures and humidity. The body is made from carbon fibre and the neck is mahogany reinforced with stiffening rods so it always has great sound no matter where you've travelled.

The sound from this tenor carbon fibre ukulele is really impressive too. It has great neck and body resonance, close to that of the Blackbird, and we don't say that lightly! This is the ultimate travel ukulele.

In the hand, they feel excellent, lightweight and balanced, with a very familiar 35mm nut width. Playing one gives you a real sensation that you are playing the real deal. There is decent volume when required, with heavy strumming sounding clean and clear with an impressive bass response. When fingerpicking, this ukulele sounds nice and crisp, with single notes played up the neck having real presence.

Klos carbon fiber ukuleles are also naturally beautiful. They don't sand, polish or paint after production - you get them exactly as they are off the press. That means there might be some small marks, crease lines, or fiber distortions from this process. These are the true hallmarks of a genuine carbon fiber ukulele.

Pictures show actual instrument.

Left handed ukulele
Moulded carbon fibre composite body
Matte finish to top
Gloss finish to back and sides
Chrome finish geared machine heads
430mm tenor scale length
35mm nut width
Walnut bridge
Mahogany neck with carbon stiffening rods
NuBone nut and saddle
Brazilian cherry fretboard
D'Addario clear nylon high G strings
25 inches overall length
Fishman sonitone pickup and preamp, with soundhole mounted tone/volume controls, powered by 9v battery

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