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USED Kamaka HF-2 Solid Hawaiian Koa Concert Ukulele with Hard Case #211972

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This Kamaka concert ukulele is a wonderfully well made and bubbly sounding instrument. The sound is neither too bright nor too mellow, it has great poise and presence, and any playing style you throw at it is rewarded with crystal clarity, and bags of volume when required. It is on the more rounded side - perhaps not as exuberant as a KoAloha or as crisp as a Kanile'a, but somewhere right in the middle.

In the hand it is very light, as all Kamaka ukuleles are. The neck feels very slender and it invites playing up the neck, where you find that the intonation is as good as it gets, and that you can still get very decent volume and sustain right the way up.

Highly recommended! There's no need for us to explain the history and tradition of Kamaka ukuleles, other than to say that since 1916 they've been making seriously beautiful instruments. They're very, very good at it.

Pictures show actual instrument, whilst the videos show different instruments, but you get a good idea of the sound and vibe to expect. This one has a patch of very small light marks on the back of the neck at the 2nd fret - you can feel them when you run your thumb over them, but they are not very deep at all. The body is very clean, with some featherlight strumming marks to the finish just beneath the 13th and 14th fret, and a couple of other very, very light marks - overall a 9/10.

Premium solid Hawaiian Koa body
Indian Rosewood fret board and bridge
Mahogany neck
16 frets, 12 to the body
Satin finish
Gotoh planetary geared tuners
NuBone saddle and nut
36mm nut width
15" scale length
Clear Fluorocarbon high G strings
Kamaka hard case included
Strap button on bottom bout

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