Freshman UKLKOAC All Solid Engleman Spruce/Hawaiian Koa Concert Ukulele w/Hard Case #2

Freshman UKLKOAC All Solid Engleman Spruce/Hawaiian Koa Concert Ukulele w/Hard Case #2
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If you were a beginner/intermediate player looking to step up to the next level with a new Ukulele there would be several things on your 'must have' list. The woods are incredibly important and most players dabbling or diving head first into the world of fingerstyle, flamenco or technical Ukulele playing all seem to universally agree that Cedar/Spruce are the top tonewoods that will most convincingly convey the right sound. It's hard to argue - especially as the most popular Ukuleles here at SUS so far in 2019 have been the Kala ACP-CTG, Snail BHC-5C, Snail BHC-6C and Kai KCI-700. All of those excellent Ukuleles utilise a solid spruce or cedar top with a well made sexy looking laminate back and side combo. When you have this kind of pairing, it can really enhance how you play and provide the perfect platform whilst keeping things at a modest budget.

Well, Freshman have been listening, watching and waiting for the past year and working with us here at SUS and a number of other select Ukulele dealers - we helped them spec out a series of Concert ukes that ticked our customers boxes.

The crown jewel of the Lono series is Freshman's first foray into solid Koa. The UKLKOAC pairs a Solid Engleman Spruce top with solid Hawaiian Koa back and sides, genuine Grover machineheads (because everyone always wants a good tuner!), slotted headstock, abalone trimmings and a decent pickup that doesn't require a big hole to be cut in the top. Freshman have used the popular Freshman Sonitone system which has a volume and tone control hidden in the soundhole.

It sounds great with the distinctive Engleman Spruce attack and punch that squeezes a bit more life and sustain out of the single notes. The hawaiian Koa used is a bit unpredictable in look from one model to the other hence us individually listing each one but the tone it produces is sweet and refined and the perfect foil for the pokey and confident spruce top. Cosmetically, it has some really lovely looking abalone purfling and a rosette as well as maple binding that ties the whole aesthetic of the front and sides together nicely. The only thing to watch out for at this price is that there are some small cosmetic imperfections in the finish that you may find if you really scrutinise them but that is the same with the equivalent Ukuleles at the same price.

Also, please note how this particular model has very dark wavy Koa sides and a lighter straighter Koa back. It helps create a real stark contrasting effect on the colours of this Ukulele from different angles. We love it!

Finally, this model comes in a good distinctive black hard case which is just what the doctor ordered - a great all solid wood Ukulele at a reasonable price.

Concert model
Slot head headstock
Grover Gold machine heads
Gloss finish
Solid Engleman Spruce top
Solid Hawaiian Koa back and sides
Maple binding top and back
Genuine Abalone purfling and rosette
Freshman sonitone system
Aquila Strings

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