Flight Spirit Electro Acoustic Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele w/Scoop Cutaway and padded gigbag

Flight Spirit Electro Acoustic Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele w/Scoop Cutaway and padded gigbag
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The Flight spirit ukulele is fantastic. It's an instrument that reminds us in many ways of the popular Snail SR-04TE but with a gloss finish and a different neck profile... This model sounds really bubbly and bright but the solid acacia body also reigns in the shrill tones. The overall sound of this uke is bold and big but never loses the character of the concert ukulele sound.

Although the body is gloss, the neck remains satin and has a lovely slim profile paired with a conventional 35mm nut width. The whole thing feels luxurious and is more than a match for any Pono, Eastman, Kala or Snail that one might throw into the mix when choosing an instrument.

Flight have grown massively in a short period of time gaining the attention and praise of many social media influencers, online ukulele teachers and review website. Although they still suffer from small cosmetic marks like the other things at this price, they are forgivable!

The overall experience is a marked step up from instruments just £50-£80 cheaper. I can confirm that the Flight spirit ukulele is deserving of the praise I can't wait to see the looks on customers faces when they see it in the flesh and try it for themselves.

The fact that you could plug this concert ukulele in too without any further modification is just the icing on the cake.

Solid acacia top, back and sides
African mahogany neck
Gloss body with satin neck
Composite ebony fingerboard and bridge
Bone nut and saddle
Black geared tuners
35mm nut width
Acacia scoop cutaway
Unique slotted headstock
Artec passive piezo pickup
Clear fluorocarbon
Padded gigbag

Listing shows a typical example. Please feel free to contact us for photos of current stock as grain patterns can vary from one acacia ukulele to the next.

Note: The Flight Ukuleles are a fantastic choice at this particular price point because they often offer extra features and striking wood that defy the expectations of this price. However, they do suffer from cosmetic flaws and small finish defects like other Chinese made production instruments. We do our best to capture major issues but you may find some small imperfections on close inspection that cannot be avoided.

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