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Fluke M20 Sapphire Blue Tenor Ukulele Polycarbonate Freboard

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This sapphire blue Fluke tenor ukulele is as much fun to play as it is to look at. Fluke have created a one piece moulded plastic back and laminate top ukulele which makes a very sweet sound. It's on the mellower side of the spectrum and, as such, is more ideally suited to strumming than fingerpicking. It does however boast good sustain and a very decent volume so you can be sure you will be heard!

As the fingerboard and the frets are all one piece of moulded polycarbonate, the precision of the intonation is very good, and the action is nice and low, and very playable. And it shouldn't make a difference to a purchasing decision really, but it is very cool that it stands up by itself!

Features include polycarbonate fretboard and frets, 17" scale length, high quality friction tuning pegs, D'Addario Nyltech high G strings, and laminate Pine top.

This tenor ukulele does not come with a bag but will fit into a Boston tenor gigbag.

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