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PSI S-LEO Tenor Ukulele All Solid Acacia with personal sound hole

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What a lovely instrument! PSI are a new line for us, and we are impressed at the build quality and the value for money. Touches like the slotted headstock, and the lovely decoration around the body make this model really shine out at the price. But this instrument is not just about the looks - it is very far from a triumph of style over substance.

Soundwise, you get a very lovely crisp sound, with a well defined high mid and treble presence. It has a lovely harp-like quality to the sound, which is very pretty indeed. Acacia is a close relative of Koa, and it certainly shows in the sound on this model. And the personal sound hole makes a really big difference to how the player hears the instrument: on some models from other brands that have had this feature we have scratched our heads and wondered why as there has been little point, but with this one you do get a real earful, which helps to get your playing just spot on.

The build quality is as good as you expect from Chinese factories at this price point: like Ohanas, there are a few very small cosmetic niggles but they are fundamentally very well designed, and well made, resulting in class leading sound for the money.

The neck is reasonably chunky in hand, very much the way that the Japanese prefer it, but feels nice to play, and the whole instrument feels very classy for the price.

Top: Solid Acacia with  (Abalone) Binding
Back & Side:  Solid Acacia Rounded Back Body w/ Self-monitoring Side Sound Hole
Fingerboard: Rosewood with “Diamond” Inlays (5, 7, 10, 12, 15,17 frets) and White ABS Binding
Frets: White Copper
Rosette:  Shell(Abalone)
Headstock: Classical Slotted Acacia headstock and metal machine head in gold colour
Neck:  Maple
Bridge: Rosewood
Construction: Bolt-on
Nut and Saddle:  TSUQ
Bracing: Classical Fan Bracing
Strap Peg: Bottom in Gold Colour
Finish: Glossy
Overall Length: 26″ 1/8
Nut to Saddle Distance: 17″
Fingerboard Length: 11″ 5/8
Waist: 1″ 3/8
Body Length: 11″ 3/8
Soundhole Diameter: 2.5″
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