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Ohana VK-70Reso Vita Soprano Resonator Ukulele

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This Ukulele is the CKP70R Ukulele with a resonating cone added in the middle.

The Vita shape is a thing of wonder - it makes a fuller and bassier sound than a traditional waisted design, more akin to a Tenor in its frequency response. This is because there is a slightly larger top, and a greater body size. You tend not to find many larger ukes in a Vita shape for this reason, as it would make something already bassy too bassy but this couple with a resonator is a fantastic compromise. A Soprano length instrument that offers you depth and the unique tone of a resonator.

Solid Spruce Top
Vintage "Vita-Uke" Pear Shape
Resonator Cone
Rosewood Laminate Back Sides
Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Aquila Strings
Geared Tuners
Top and Back Binding
Bone Saddle and Nut
Soprano Uke Accessories

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