Millar JA-260GB Solid Figured Acacia Jumbo Tenor Ukulele #0121_01

Millar JA-260GB Solid Figured Acacia Jumbo Tenor Ukulele #0121_01
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The JA-260GB might be the Millar Ukulele we were most excited to receive here at SUS and our initial impressions do not disappoint. If you are a fan of the seemingly rare 'Jumbo Tenor' Ukulele you are going to absolutely love how this sounds and feels. A Jumbo Tenor is a standard 17'' scale length Tenor Ukulele with a larger proportion body and the affect it has on the sound is a bit like the effect you get when moving from a small speaker to a large speaker - the bass feels more bassy, the lighter notes feel more fluffy and textured and the whole thing is kind of like a Baritone uke but also completely different at the same time. Are you confused yet? Sorry...

What I am trying to say is that the effect a bigger body has on the sound is most noticeable in the way that single notes gain depth, the frequencies being produced by the top have more room in the body to swirl around and dance before they reach your ears - it's mellow this instrument but has a 'wise beyond its years' character to it too. It 110% met our high expectations of what the Millar brand is capable of and would give a Kanile K-1 Super Tenor a very good run for its money whilst being considerably more budget friendly.

The solid Acacia body is gorgeously figured on each one and the extremely regal decoration and binding is a mixture of abalone and padauk wood. The aesthetic of this Ukulele reminds me of some of my favourite Hawaiian instruments such as the Kamaka Deluxe ii series and some of Kanile'a's stunning recent custom shop instruments. Not bad for a family run Ukulele company in Taiwan - well done Millar!

Each listing shows the individual JA-260GB you will be receiving.

Solid Figured Acacia Body
Padauk Binding with Abalone Binding and Rosette
35mm Nut Width
Enlarged Tenor Body
17'' Scale length
Slotted Headstock with Acacia Cap
tie on Rosewood bridge
Rosewood Fingerboard
Clear Fluorocarbon High G Strings
Open gear aged Tuners

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