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MeIdeal Ukulele/Mandolin/Guitar Stand Adjustable Purple, excellent!

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A new stand on the block! Very impressive design and build quality. Folds up very small for transport, and expands to a small size for ukes, mandolins, fiddles and other small folk instruments (see the blue one in the pic), and then expands further for larger instruments like guitars (like the purple one). They have little adjustable rubber woggles (technical term) on the end of the feet to stop the bottom bout of any instrument from slipping over the end - you can have them deployed, or hidden as you see fit.

Made of very strong, lightweight and well finished tubular aluminium, with non marring rubber all round, these are very sturdy and stable even with a large instrument on it. The picture shows all the colours (from bottom: Black, Red, Gunmetal, Blue, Purple) and shows the various stages of unfurling from being packed down to fully extended.

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