Magic Fluke Ash Timber Fretted Electric Bass Ukulele with Gigbag

Magic Fluke Ash Timber Fretted Electric Bass Ukulele with Gigbag
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The Magic Fluke ukulele bass is the one all other ukulele basses will be talking about in the pub. The timber bass is a short scale, solid body electric bass. Beautiful and very versatile, portable, tuned to EADG and playable like a full size bass guitar with half of the physical exertion. Sound is deep, rich and resonant due to its more traditional metal wound strings.

The timber bass ukulele has 21.5" scale length over a solid USA made ash body bolted to a maple neck and hard maple fingerboard. The strings are metal wound with a synthetic core making them light to the touch but authentic in texture and feel

Magic Fluke have even fitted this instrument with the uke bass player's favourite - the shadow piezo pickup. It runs on an active 6V lithium cell powered preamp system with volume/tone control and digital tuner onboard. The strap is integrated into the heel joint on the neck, and fixes onto the endpin jack socket on the bottom bout, so you can leave it on the bass all the time.

It is a small touch but it is quite exciting to realise that this ukulele bass is made completely in the USA. The strap, strings, bag and body are all made by established American companies. All of the early reviews of this instrument are positive and with good reason. Everybody and their uncle are trying to make ukulele basses nowadays but when the Magic Fluke company get involved, they get it right. This is a fine addition to a line of ukuleles including the Firefly and Flea and the consensus among the staff here at SUS is that it is the best ukulele bass out there.

This ukulele also features the new Graphtech Ratio tuners. Please note that the appearance of each one will vary a little. They are very consistent looking, but there will be small differences in the grain and colour of each one.

Please note: this listing is for the fretted version!

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