Kanile'a GL6 K-3 Deluxe Hawaiian Koa Guitalele Custom #23805

Kanile'a GL6 K-3 Deluxe Hawaiian Koa Guitalele Custom #23805
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The Kanile'a GL6 K-3 guitalele is a hybrid instrument that was developed to bring the convenience of the ukulele size with the chord playability that guitar players love. This instrument has a unique super tenor body in combination with a 20 inch baritone scale joined at the body on the 16th fret with 21 frets total.

This special GL6-K-3 mixes two famous Kanile'a models to produce a functional deluxe Hawaiian koa guitalele with Kanile'a's style 3 (K-3) appointments of tortoiseshell front binding and figured maple rosette.

It seems cliche to say that this guitalele sounds as good as it looks but... well... it does!

The tuning of this wonderful instrument is “A D G C E A” or the same tuning as a guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. The volume and resonance that projects from this instrument is phenomenal for its size. Something about the clever touch and release Kanile'a bracing system really comes into play on one of these.

There are many secrets to the full sound this instrument produces but I think the most important one is the chunky neck shape with extra wide 50mm nut width. All that extra wood in the neck definitely gives the instrument a bit of 'oomph' and other guitaleles sorely miss that!

From 2019 GL6 models received a few upgrades. Firstly, this instrument benefits from Kanile'a's new TRU-R bracing which is a redesigned lightweight version of Kanile'a's previous Touch and Release bracing pattern. The reduction of contact between the top and structural braces creates a clearer longer vibration. You really notice it too, I have played a dozen Kanile'a GL6's over the years but none that come close to being as responsive to single notes and a good strum as this.

Now in 2021, Kanile'a continue to refine this system and there is a real sense that Kanile'a strive to make each instrument they make a little better than the last. A better guitalele you will not find. Top, top class!

Solid premium curly Hawaiian koa top, back and sides
K-3 appointments - tortoiseshell front binding and curly maple rosette
Ebony bridge and fretboard
Mahogany neck with satin finish
High UV cured gloss finish to body
White mother of pearl inlays
Ebony faceplate
Geared machine heads
New TRU-R bracing system
GHS strings (A to A tuning)
50mm nut width
20" scale length
16 frets clear from body, 21 in total
Free Kanile'a deluxe padded gigbag

Pictures show actual instrument.

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