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Kamaka S-48 Baritone 8 String Ukulele strings set of 8

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This is a set of strings for an 8 string baritone ukulele. They come in the following configuration:
8th: Low D
7th: High D
6th: High G
5th: Low G
4th: B
3rd: B
2nd: E
1st: E

The low D string is a silver wound over nylon core, and the low G string is aluminium wound over nylon core. The two E strings and two B strings are in a unison course.

Kamaka strings are great, they give your ukulele a smooth, rounded and mellow sound. You'll love the way they feel under your fingers, and they've got good tension and intonation It's no surprise to us they're a favourite of Jake Shimabukuro!

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