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Kamaka HF-3 Solid Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele with Case #211974

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Simply put, this Kamaka HF-3 is one of the most responsive and satisfying tenor ukuleles in production today. The build quality is exceptional, really lightweight and sturdy, and as a result the sound is clear, full, bright in the trebles and warm in the bass - kind of how it should be!

No need to explain the history and tradition of Kamaka instruments, other than to say that since 1916 they've been making seriously beautiful instruments. They're very, very good at it.

It's hard to recommend a more capable all round tenor instrument than this. The intonation is a good as it gets, it plays all the way up the neck with no dead spots and great sustain, sounds crisp with a high G and warm with a low G, and can be turned to many playing styles with satisfying results.

Worth every penny, and a few more! Pictures show actual instrument - videos show another instrument, but you get a good idea of the way they sound. This one is stunning on the eye, displaying really holographic depths in the koa. Turn it one way, and one side looks like, and the other dark - the turn it the other way, and it reverses. This is a natural effect caused by the grain being mirrored in quarter sawn bookmatched timber. Nothing to worry about!

Premium solid Hawaiian koa body
Rosewood fret board and bridge
Mahogany neck
18 frets, 14 to the body
434mm scale length
Satin finish
36mm nut width with 30mm G to A string spacing
GCEA tuning
Geared tuners
NuBone nut and saddle
Kamaka black nylon high G strings
Kamaka hard case included

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