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Kala KA-RES-CHR Tenor Resonator Chrome Finish

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Much improved resonator from Kala. Their first attempts were not well made, and sounded pretty quiet, but this new model is a dramatic step in the right direction. The build is much better, the faceplates look to be screwed on in the right place, and the cone is better engineered and fixed in position well. The sound is correspondingly much better as well - much louder and growlier, with a really authentic bluesy rasp to it. The sustain is more impressive as well. We have tried it fingerpicking, strumming and with a slide and it performs well!

Laminate mahogany body
Sunburst Satin Finish
Rosewood fingerboard
Lightweight custom aluminium spun cone
Rosewood Biscuit
Chrome cover plate
Maple saddle
White pearloid binding
Aquila strings
35mm nut width

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