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Kala KA-GL-KOA 6 string Tenor Guitalele Solid Spruce Top

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The much awaited Kala guitalele has finally arrived and the lovely 6 string tenor has not disappointed! So far, it has had rave reviews from all who have played it. Certainly at the price, it is a very competitive option, and feels very well made for the price.

The top is solid spruce, which gives a very immediate response, and a very nice, balanced, full sound. The bass sounds warm and full, and the treble sounds very crisp with a very agreeable zing in the top end. When strummed, the note definition in the chords is very impressive, never sounding muddy, and when tickled in a picking style you notice a good amount of sustain.

The tuning is A-D-G-C-E-A which handily gives you the GCEA configuration of a tenor ukulele strung low G on the top 4 strings, but with the added A and D strings in the bass. You can strum it like a guitar using guitar chord shapes, or you can use it like a ukulele with the flexibility of adding more melodic bass parts to your playing - it is a very flexible instrument and will allow you to explore different playing styles.

Solid spruce top
Laminate koa back and sides
Rosewood fretboard and bridge
Mahogany binding to body
Mahogany neck
44cm scale length
48mm nut width
19 frets in total, 14 to body
Aquila strings
Satin finish
Slotted classical guitar style headstock
Gold colour tuners

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