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There are hundreds, possibly thousands of tab sites for guitar out there, but for ukuleles? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, they are out there, just not in the abundance that you find with other instruments and once you’ve got a hankering for that one song it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 20 ukulele tab resources. From Bowie to Amazing Grace and those obscure gems you hadn’t even heard of, you’re sure to find a little bit of something you like on these sites.

Ukulele Hunt [] – An all-round awesome ukulele site with a brilliant tab database

Got a Ukulele [] – fantastic source of tabs for beginners

Ultimate Guitar []- A searchable database of tabs and chords

Southampton Ukulele Jam []- Great, alphabetised list of downloadable, printable tabs and chords

The Quiet American []- some cool tabs accompanied by helpful tutorial videos

Ukulele Tricks []- This site has some great chords and tabs with videos to play along with

E Z Folk [] – Has lots of tabs for beginners as well as more intermediate players

Dominator Ukeland [] – loads of great tabs with audio files to play along with

Ukulele Tabs [] - huge database that can be searched by difficulty, genre, year and country

E Chords [] – find tabs and chords for the ukulele as well as for the guitar, keyboard, bass and drums

Richard G’s [] – massive collection of ukulele tabs and chords with audio to strum along with

Capotaso Music  [] – collection of tabs and sheet music for the ukulele

Live Ukulele [] - huge resource of ukulele tabs and sheet music

Game tabs [] – great collection of ukulele tabs for video game soundtracks

Uku Tabs [] -  loads of great tabs that you can search by difficulty level

Uke of Carl [] - loads of great TV, movie and game tabs

Donch [] – printable tabs in PDF

Ukulele Tabs [] - great ukulele tabs from categories like Celtic, American folk, children’s, classical and hymns.

The Ukulele Review [] - great collection of tabs, sheet music and tutorial videos

Also the Coustii website has recently come to my attention.. great for beginners looking for tips.

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