Ukulelia – November: Uke Gossip, Ukulele Giggling & Instrument Tossing

Hello music makers! Welcome to the November edition of Ukulelia. This week we'll be digging up some ukulele high court gossip, meeting multi-instrumentalist mentalists Walk Off The Earth, chuckling at the comedic musical stylings of Garfunkel & Oates, plus sharing some handy links for ukulele enthusiasts. A-one, two, three, four...

Crash, Bang, Wallop - It's a Uke Off

Most of the time, all's fair in love and ukuleles. Unfortunately, very, very rarely a little bit of negativity creeps into the otherwise very amiable ukulele community. It might not be sharing and caring, but it does make for great Ukulelia gossip!

Last month The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain took The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra to court, claiming trademark infringement by their rivals who, somewhat confusingly, are actually a group of ex pats strumming over in Germany. The judge refused to grant an injunction and the battle to prove intellectual property infringement rages on. Oh dear, oh dear.

Meet: Garfunkel & Oates

If you enjoy ukulele with plenty of giggling, Garfunkel & Oates are the comedy duo-come-ukulele twosome you've been waiting for. With songs about everything from forgetting acquaintances' names to going to a party where every man is wearing Ed Hardy, these two will certainly help you see the funny side of being lost and 20 something with a ukulele.

Discover Everything Uke Could Want Here

Looking for a uke group in your area? Searching for chords and tabs? Want a wonderful ukulele teacher? is a handy little site full of links to great ukulele stuff from across the UK, lovingly compiled by Mr Ray Shakeshaft. Thank you kindly, sir!

Get Ready to Walk Off The Earth

Like your music videos elaborate and your ukuleles thrown around with gay abandon? Walk Off The Earth are the Canadian ukulele strumming band (and YouTube channel) for you. These (frankly ridiculously talented) multi-instrumentalists incorporate everything from ukes and beatboxing to car doors to create vibrant music, full of totally implacable joy. Explore their music online, it'll put a big grin on your face – guaranteed!

Want your unique ukulele sounds to appear in our next Ukulelia round up? Have a great online resource to share? Want to tell our readers all about your amazing ukulele club? Share your favourite things with us via Twitter @SUS_UKES.

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