Ukulelia – November: Polkas & Ukulele Quizzes

Hello strummers and pluckers, welcome back to a fresh month of Ukulele goodness courtesy of the South Ukulele Store team. Every month our ukelele obsessives dive deep into the world wide web to bring you the best of ukulele news, inspiration and ideas from right around the world.

This month, watch a ukulele take on the polka, test your ukulele film knowledge with a brain-teasing quiz and learn a brand new number with Ukulele Underground's awesome song library.

Ukulele Vs. The Polka

The sheer versatility of the ukulele has to be one of its best loved features – and this video served up by the excellent Humble Uker Ramblings blog is a prime example of this strength. Here the charmingly named Smile Orchestra play a Karelian-Finnish polka, complete with accordion and ukulele plucking goodness. You can find out more about Smile Orchestra on the band's Facebook page and keep up with the Humble Uker's Ramblings here.

Can You Beat the Ukes on Film Quiz?


How well do you know your ukulele film trivia? That's what Ukes Up! Blogger Jon wants to know. In his great ukulele on film quiz, Jon shares stills from movies featuring ukes to tease your brain and test your knowledge. With 20 films both old and new to identify, this is a real challenge for any film or uke buff – how well will you do? Share your score with other readers below. Take the quiz here.

Discover Ukulele Undergroud's Song Library

Looking for something other than “Over the Rainbow” to play on your uke? Searching for something a touch more traditional and challenging? Ukulele Underground is definitely the website to head to.

Featuring an extensive song library you can access for free, full of everything from popular songs for beginners, to traditional Hawaiian classics for more advanced players, there's a tune to pick up for everyone amidst Ukulele Undergrounds selection of over 90 thoughtful video lessons.

Which Ukulele Underground number is first on your learning list How did you perform in the ukuleles in film quiz? Share your results and the latest additions to your repertoire with other players below or tweet us all about it @SUS_UKES.

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