Ukulelia – May: Common People & Here Comes the Sun

Hello ukulele fiends! Welcome, one and all, back to Ukulelia. This is the Southern Ukulele Store's monthly roundup of our very favourite ukulele blogs, news, websites and resources from the past month.

We love keeping up with all things ukulele online, and finding out what you've all been up to with everybody's favourite four-stringed instrument (yes, that's right, the ukulele – begone, violinists!). So without further ado...

This May: Live like common people with Ukulele Club Live at Smithdown Road Festival, have your soul soothed by Paul Mansell's rendition of Here Comes the Sun and get the very latest ukulele-related news every week from across the mainstream media.

UCL Strum Like Common People

Is there anybody who doesn't have a bit of a soft spot for Pulp's classic Common People? This quintessentially British song about the class divide is a tried and tested crowd-pleaser and a first rate singalong too. We absolutely love this video of UCL taking the tune to task with their ukulele club at the first ever Smithdown Road Festival. Lovely stuff, Jarvis Cocker would be proud!

Here Comes the Sun on a Soprano

Ukulele teacher Mr Paul Mansell's lovely wife bought him a microphone for his birthday last month and, boy, are we glad she did. We thoroughly enjoyed Paul's rendition of Here Comes the Sun on his trusty Barnes & Mullins BMUK2S soprano ukulele, playing from a really great tab created by Colin Tribe.

Thanks to Paul for the performance and for pointing out that George Harrison himself was a big fan of the ukulele, making this a fitting tribute and a new ukulele fact for the Southern Ukulele Store team! Lovely stuff.

Ukuleles on the Front Page


We've just discovered the top notch Yo! Kulele blog and it's weekly roundups which catalogue all of the appearances of the ukulele in the media. From the BBC's 100 years of ukulele in 6 minutes, to X Factor contestants picking up the instrument in two days (we'll believe it when we see it!) there's tonnes of tremendous ukulele stuff to get stuck into every week here. Definitely one for our bookmarks bar.

What's your favourite source of ukulele news? Do you play in a ukulele group? Would you like us to share your performance with our readers in our monthly roundup? Let us know by dropping us a tweet @SUS_UKES.

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