Ukulelia – December: Festive Ukulele & Chap Hop Banjoleles

Hello ukeheads & season's merriest greetings to you! Here's an early little Christmas present for you – our favourite ukulele resources and blogs for December, all wrapped up and hand-delivered through your very own computer screen!

Ukuleleing Around the Christmas Tree

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Walking in a winter wonderland? Wish you had a river you could skate away on? However you're spending your holiday season, there's no denying the allure of a good old festive ukulele strum along.

You'll find loads of handy tabs and chords online, whether you love a traditional Silent Night or prefer an ironic, angry Christmas tune courtesy of Cyndi Lauper & the Hives. Here are a few places to find all the musical festivity you need to drive your loved ones loopy all Christmas:

Got A Ukulele have a good selection of classics
Ukulele Tricks has a very thorough lesson on “White Christmas
UK Uke has a complete PDF Christmas songbook to download
Slow Club's pretty Christmas TV guitar chords work well on uke

Ukulele from a Nerd's Eye View

This is a lovely blog all about Pam's adventures with a camera and a ukulele. With a passion for uke, our Nerd's Eye View protagonist has lots of great ukulele wisdom to impart – particularly for any of you just starting out with your new instrument.

From which uke to start with, to buying a ukulele as a gift, she's got everything covered. We're particularly impressed with her indispensable advice on knowing when you're ready to upgrade to a better ukulele:

“A: Oh, honey. You’ll KNOW.”

Wellington Ukulele Orchestra feat. Bret McKenzie

Like a spot of Flight of the Conchords? So do we. That's partially why we're really digging on the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra right now – a really talented uke group that numbers Conchord Bret on its members list.

Can you spot him in this excellent arrangement of Hey Ya? Who cares if you can't? It's all great stuff. Enjoy & thanks to Flight of the Conchords forum par excellence What the Folk! for the head's up.

Chap Hop History & a banjolele

Like your rap with a waxed moustache and a banjolele in a British seaside pavilion? There's no accounting for taste, but this surreal performance from the inimitable Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer is something you probably need to see before you decide. Peculiar stuff, but just try to look away – we challenge you.

Come across any great ukulele novelty acts you think we should know about? What's your favourite ukulele Christmas song? Get involved and let us know below! Alternatively, why not drop us a cheeky tweet @SUS_UKES.

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