Ukulelia #3: Cathy's Chords, Karaoke Ukulele & KoaSound

Welcome back to Ukulelia - your delicious, tuneful, monthly serving of hot, steaming Ukulele goodness from across the world and web. This week: Meet Cathy and all her chords ready & able to turn you into a Ukulele maven, try your hand at Karaoke Ukulele and listen to 7 piece, ukulele-fronted soul, pop and disco purveyors KoaSound. Ah-one, two, three, four!

Meet Cathy & Her Chords


There are a few well known ukulele chord sources out there (we've already gushed about the excellentness which is UkeHunt in a previous edition of Ukulelia), but tucked in some of the less-explored corners of the web there lurk some absolute ukulele goldmines.

Cathy's Chords is one such rich seam. Lovingly compiled by guitarist, singer and uke aficionado Cathy, the website is a treasure trove of learning resources, chords and more! We're especially taken with this (now copyright free) Kamiki Ukulele Method book, complete with gorgeous vintage front cover. Thanks Cathy!

Introducing: KaraUke

They play, you sing, everyone has a stonking good time. Whether you're a big ukulele lover yourself, know someone who is or just want to try a different take on the classic karaoke night, London's KaraUke could be just the ticket. The group have a monthly singalong gig every third Thursday at the Royal George, Soho and they're available for one off evenings of carousing and tunefulness too. Here's a clip of the gang in action on BBC Radio 1:

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - KoaSound

We stumbled across a lovely ukulele-fronted ensemble going by the name of KoaSound this week and we thought you'd like to get in on the action too. Twinkly, twangy, tight – pop, disco, soul - we think they sound just plain great. Love their stuff too? KoaSound are taking on gigs right now, get in touch!

Fancy a spot on our next round up? Tell us all about your awesome ukulele project and we'll see what we can do! Do you have any excellent online ukulele resources to share like Cathy's Chords? We love to hear about those too. Share your picks with our readers below or tweet us a character or two over @SUS_UKES.

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