Ukulele Speed Dating (Yes, really!)

Nothing to do with us but certainly a unique concept that may appeal to some!


Ukulele Speed Dating

Always stuck with your friends at Ukulele Jams? Afraid to talk to people in case they’re not single? Come along, meet other singles, and, with a drink as well as a strumalong afterwards tomeet everyone else and take away any awkwardness (all included in the price) you cansingle-mingle-jingle and meet people you might not otherwise chat to, as you’re normally too busy strumming and singing.

You might be a great solo-ist but playing in a duo might be a fun thing to do this Christmas

and New Years. Even if you meet a new friend, rather than the love of your life, uke literally have nothing to lose!


If you’ve yet to find harmony with another strummer, this might be your chance! The Speed Dating part will be 45 minutes, between 7-7:45pm, followed by a fun strumalong until 9pm.

So, you might meet other single friends to strum with, even if your dream lover isn’t in your midst, you will surely meet a few new playing partners. We’re keeping this event to 24 people so you get time to say hello to all potential new strumming partners, both of the same and opposite genders.


The first ever Ukulele Speed Dating event in London, run by Learn to Uke, is taking place on 1st December in SE1. If you enjoy playing the ukulele and want to meet like mind people, join us for a relaxed, fun evening, where you get to meet people in your age range, for three minute speed dates. Tickets are £15 each, and include six three minute dates, a drink and we will also let youknow after the event who you matched with. More details can be found on the LearntoUke website:




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