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Baton Rouge BR-VX1/B8-CB Baritone 8 String Ukulele Charcoal Burst

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Yay, finally an affordable 8 string baritone ukulele for you multi-string fans out there!

The BR-Vx1/B8-CB not only has an extremely memorable name (sarcasm) but also has a really luscious, thick, creamy and textured sound. Tuned with octave D and G strings and pairs of Bs and Es this ukulele sounds like it's an entire band covering the low end very well with tinges of the brighter notes coming from the higher register octaves...

This Baton Rouge baritone uke It's great to listen to, surprisingly easy to play and the charcoal burst finish adds a lot to overall aesthetic. In my opinion, the fact that this ukulele is a laminate matters a lot less to the quality of sound than it does on a traditional four string and you simply won't ever get bored of the wall of noise it creates.

Top, back and sides: Laminate mahogany
Nato neck
Walnut fingerboard and bridge
Aquila strings tuned dD, gG, bb, ee
Nubone nut and saddle
39mm nut width
Openback machineheads

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