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Baton Rouge BR-UR7-C/STLR Concert Ukulele All Solid Mango

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Wow! An extraordinary looking instrument. You could be forgiven for being distracted by the colour, but look beyond it and you find a really well made and lovely sounding all solid mango concert ukulele.

Mango is an increasingly popular choice of wood for ukulele builders - the principal reasons being that it is very sustainable, and also that it gives a very good, full tone with a very pretty pattern of harmonics. Sometimes Mango instruments can sound a little quieter than their acacia, mahogany, spruce, cedar and koa cousins but this one is cleverly designed to make the most out of the materials, and the volume is very impressive. The neck is very well sculpted and feels very comfortable in the hand, and the instrument as a whole has a beautiful balance when played.

Quality fixtures and fittings like NuBone nuts and saddles and Aquila strings all help, as do the nice machine heads and the very good qualitu, tight grained rosewood used on the fretboard and bridge.

This is one instrument where no compromise has to be made between a classy sound and feel, and a very bold and different look! 

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