Baritone Ukulele Accessories Bundle with Pod Case, Tuner and Chord Book

Baritone Ukulele Accessories Bundle with Pod Case, Tuner and Chord Book
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Accessorise your instrument purchase with a great value accessories package! Includes all the essential items that a player will really need to get going with their instrument. Note that it does not include plectrums, straps or strap buttons - these can be added to your order individually.

Included in this bundle are:

Good quality lightweight hard pod-style case with internal pocket, external pocket and shoulder straps - Baritone size
Clip on digital tuner (exact spec may vary depending on availability, but it will be a good one!)
Ukulele Chord Dictionary (If stock is unavailable we may substitute with a 'How to play' book that features Ukulele chord shapes and more)

Ukulele not included
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