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Aria ATU-120-6 6 String Tenor Guitalele tuned ADGCEA free gigbag!

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The Aria 6 string tenor is the perfect little guitalele or travel guitar. It's tuned A to A (like having a capo on the 5th fret of a guitar), but with a different string set could be tuned E to E. The tone is infinitely better than that of the Yamaha guitaleles, which are a bit cheaper but not as nice as these!

The scale length of 432 mm makes this a tenor scale instrument, so will feel comfortable to guitarists who are used to longer scale length instruments. Although laminate mahogany, it makes a lovely warm sound with good note separation, a crisp treble, full bass and plenty of volume for its size.

Great value for money, even if it didn't come with a free gigbag - which it does!

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