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AnueNue UC10-BA Blue Arona Solid Spruce Top Concert Ukulele w/Gigbag

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The aNueNue UC10 has quickly established itself as a must have ukulele, and this blue arona model is just lovely. You get an affordable solid top concert ukulele with aNueNue's famous build quality that still retains all the quirkiness of something at the high end like the Lion. It's the uke for all of those people out there that love the idea of the Enya Nova-U but want something made of wood and not plastic. We are completely on board with these - they play great and sound special. A real game changer in a flooded ukulele market already swimming in good quality beginner instruments.

The aNueNue UC10-BA has a solid spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides. The finish is satin and the top is a pastel blue colour. The spruce top behaves like a spruce top should, this Ukulele has lots of volume and clarity and would really suit any style you want to throw at it. This particular model has a rosewood fingerboard and unusually a maple bridge which certainly isn't something you see every day.

We noted as well that on all 6 of our first sample models; the bridge looked to be angled slightly downwards at the bass end but as the intonation is extremely good and the placement is consistent across all of them, we are concluding that this is a deliberate build choice from aNueNue.

The concert ukulele comes with a lovely woven tweed style gigbag made by aNueNue and you will have no doubt noticed that the top has a scratchplate that looks very similar to the gigbag material but is slightly smoother to the touch.

Finally despite the instruments quirky and trendy aesthetics - it has quite a mature feel to it with a nice modern round neck and a slightly wider 36mm nut width.

Solid spruce top
Pastel colours
Laminate mahogany back and sides
Concert size
19 fret
36mm nut width
Rosewood fingerboard
Maple bridge
Geared open back machineheads
Padded gigbag

Note about the pickguard:
A couple of customers have fed back to us that the corner of the pickguard fabric is often not glued down fully, peeling away slightly. The area in question at the corner of the pickguard is always quite small and we have not yet had anyone report the peeling ever gets any worse.

AnueNue themselves have confirmed that the pickguard is designed to be quite easy to remove if customers find it becomes a nuisance.

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