Ortega H ONE and S ONE Head and Cabinet 100 watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Ortega H ONE and S ONE Head and Cabinet 100 watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
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This absolutely world class and affordable-pro acoustic amplifier came out of nowhere. Ortega released this amplifier the same day that they presented it at the summer NAMM show in 2019 and it was one of the most talked about products of the whole show.

Rarely if ever have a company taken such bold steps into acoustic amplification without testing the waters with something for the aspiring home player first. Ortega have taken the tried and tested formula of having a separate PA head and paired it up with a matched speaker cabinet (or you can have two for a full PA stereo experience).

I tested this amp with a degree of cynicism as so many other companies over the years have release amplifiers that looked the part but they always had some kind of shortcoming - either the amp was too heavy for a musician doing restaurant gigs on public transport, or you couldn't find the right cable, it wasn't loud enough... This amp is portable, easy to use and comes with bags for the head and the cab. In fact, as an AER compact 60 owner of nearly 10 years - this is the first amplifier I have come across that made me question whether I needed a different amp.

The controls are easy to use with separate EQ for your mic and instrument channel and it has built in reverb that can be adjusted between channels. I took a moment to record a quick sound sample with my Kanile'a GL6 - check it out.

What Ortega say:


Introducing the first acoustic amplifier head H ONE, Ortega sets a milestone in flexibility and sound.

With true 100 WATT power and two channels in combination with the latest SMT & DSP technology the H ONE delivers what acoustic players have been searching for. With a satin finished real wooden housing, the H ONE head stands out with its natural sound.

The Ortega acoustic amplification S one and S two speaker cabinets are the perfect and most flexible to use loudspeakers in combination with the H ine 100W amplifier head.

With a satin finished real wooden housing, a built in flunch and a removable front plate the cabinets are road ready delivering a natural sound to any club or stage gig.

One speaker supplied, another available to order on request.

100 watt RMS
1/4 " input and multi-input
2x channels
Built-in DSP reverb and chorus
Effect send/return
Headphone out
Pre/post EQ D.I. out
Speaker A/B out
Includes a carry bag
50 W / 4 OHM
40HZ – 20KHZ frequency range
6,5“ speaker and additional 3“ tweeter

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