Ohana ukes, sometimes erroneously known as an ukele or ukelele, have gained some of the most impressive reviews of any type of ukulele. They are not commonly known in the UK which is a real shame because these instruments can create awe-inspiring music. Most people opt for Chinese made Ohana ukuleles because they are available for well under £100. This may not seem all that impressive until you consider that these Ohana ukes are usually made from solid mahogany and are available in all regular sizes with a couple of unusual offerings too.

However, if you can afford to pay a little extra, perhaps you should look for handmade Ohana ukuleles which are made from Koa wood, specific to the island of Hawaii. Such ukes are extremely expensive but you are 100% guaranteed quality because every Ohana uke made in this fashion is rigorously checked for problems, no matter the model or price. The downside of course is the price unless you shop online at Southern Ukulele Store which has a ukulele kit for every budget including a mahogany PK10S Ohana uke for less than £50.

You may hear reviews which state that the finishing and setup of cheaper Ohana ukuleles is not perfect but don’t let that put you off. It’s hard to expect the finished article for less than £100 and besides, 99% of uke players are delighted with the performance of their Ohana ukulele.

There are also some unusual Ohana ukes including the tiny SK-21 sopranino ukulele which is smaller than a standard uke. It is less than 20 inches in total length which makes it one of the finest Ohana ukes a man can bring on his travels. The CKP-70 is another unconventional Ohana ukulele with oddly shaped sound holes and an overall teardrop shape. You can find more information on these fabulous Ohana offerings on YouTube reviews.

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