Kala Ukulele

It is common knowledge that the ukulele is associated with Hawaii but did you know that the Kala uke is NOT made in the sunny paradise? This does not stop companies from using the Hawaiian theme to sell this brand of uke in the shops however (especially as ‘Kala’ has several meanings in Hawaii including ‘to forgive’ and ‘currency’.)

A Kala uke is actually made in a climate which resembles that of North America. It is interesting to note that Hawaiian-made ukes could potentially crack and warp in places where the climate is not the same. As the Hawaiian climate is generally warm and humid, a Kala ukulele may be the best option for someone living in London for example where the climate is dissimilar to that of Hawaii’s.

When you’re buying a Kala Ukulele online from Southern Ukulele Store, you’re purchasing an instrument that bears a close resemblance to the Brazilian cavaquinho in terms of body shape. This is especially the case when tenor or baritone models are bought. It seems that a lot of Kala ukes are made in China and are considered to be one of the finest production line ukes on the market. Most users suggest that a Kala ukulele has tighter strings than a guitar and these strings do not bend as easily as they do in soprano ukes.

The Kala ukulele brand comes in the standard four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The vast majority of Kala ukuleles is made from mahogany and has a stain or gloss finish. A Kala soprano uke can be purchased for as little as £40 online with larger uke types costing more. The Kala uke is one of the most popular on the market because of its affordability and the ease with which musicians can purchase one.

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